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Write harder.

I spend a fair bit of time coaching clients on how to write better.

One of the things I find myself repeating consistently is about ‘writing through the hard part’.

We often hold the misconception that to be good at something is to find it easy. Anyone who has ever been really good at anything will confirm how backward this thinking is. The way you get good is by not stopping when it is hard.

The brilliant photographer Laurie Haskell once explained to me his theory of the 20/80 rule which goes something like this:  20% of your effort gets you to 80% good. The other 80% of your effort goes into the final 20% difference between good and great.

I have many tips and tricks I can share that will help you to write better. But the most common mistake I encounter is people just not putting enough time and effort into it.


Great writing can transform your brand. But it is not easy. Dedicate resources to it. Hire professional copywriters.


Kate Leury Nielsen

April 2023

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