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Your plug-and-play strategy partner

I partner with brand, design and advertising agencies when they need extra strategic muscle or when I need some creative muscle.

I have 20+ years experience around the world collaborating with creative teams and designers. Contributing research, strategy, copywriting and design management support to highly creative projects across many sectors.


Whether you’re a design agency without an in-house strategy team or a brand or ad agency that sometimes needs a bit of extra capacity. 


I integrate seamlessly with your team on a project-by-project basis and fill any gaps to help you deliver your best work.

I believe that strategy should not be a silo.


Contributing strategic thought and rigour to highly collaborative processes. Helping creative teams to underpin their ideas and sell them in to clients.


The new business pipeline goes both ways.

I’m always on the lookout for new relationships so I can call on teams when I have clients in need of creative work. 

Call on me for:



Focus groups

Desk research


Stakeholder interviews




Brand story

Brand architecture

"I have been fortunate enough to work alongside Kate at Wolff Olins. Besides being a joy to work with, she's is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits with sound business acumen. She has been so instrumental in helping American iconic brands turn themselves around.​"

— Lisa Smith, Global ECD at JKR

"She is like a creative double agent somehow managing to get the best out of both client and creative.


Every project I have worked on with Kate has been made better by her involvement, I think probably I have too.”


—Ben Drury, Creative Director

“A voracious researcher, she always goes deep on the subject at hand to uncover truths that others might miss, making her resulting strategy work watertight, insightful, and pointy.” 


—Tom Dabner, Creative Director and Partner, Someone in Sydney

“Kate combines an analytical mind with cultural and artistic instincts. These attributes make her ideally suited to functioning in an environment where business and creativity come together.”


—Adrian Shaughnessy, Professor, Royal College of Art, London (and former ECD of Intro)

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