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Accessible strategy for beginner entrepreneurs

The foundation of all good business is good strategic planning.


But when you’re starting out, the sort of strategic planning offered

by consulting agencies is often a) not affordable and b) lacks the practical, executional support that is so crucial to new and growing start-ups.


I have 20+ years of global experience working with all types of businesses – from rock bands to corporate brands – and everything in between.


When I’m not advising executives and established organisations I like to democratise the strategy process and work with individuals and small businesses who are just getting started or just starting to grow.


For an affordable, one-off fee, I offer a package including two one-on-one workshops and a bespoke strategic plan packed with practical advice, a step-by-step process to get you on your way and useful reminders you can refer back to when you hit roadblocks.


We will cover all the big business school concepts like:


Marketplace positioning 

Competitor analysis

Value propositions

Pricing strategies

Customer experience 

Branding and tone of voice

Sales and marketing


But we’ll talk about them in a way that is useful to you and gets at the authentic heart of your unique idea. It’s about understanding why you do what you do and helping you do it more effectively.

So if you’re starting a business, thinking of starting a business or have something you love doing that you would like to turn into a business, get in touch and I'll help you sort through your overwhelming to-do list and release your ideas into the world.

Get your ideas out into the world.

All the expertise and experience of a high end business consultant but more like having a coffee and a chat with a smart friend.

“Kate Leury Nielsen has the smarts and clarity to help founders inspect what they believe in and turn that into success.


First sorting through a jumble of great nascent ideas, then threading them together into a narrative that is quickly digestible and compelling; then evolving our values as the business grows. 

Yambulla is emerging as an extraordinary, exciting story. It wouldn’t be half as so if I hadn’t discovered Kate Leury Nielsen."

Jim Osborne, Founder, The Yambulla Project

Kate listened carefully and really understood my goals and strengths.  With Kate’s guidance we tied these into a brand to meet the needs of customers.  Amazing!

When it came to business setup her focus on keeping it simple made it all seem manageable.  


Thank you Kate for your support in this process. It’s been a massive confidence boost.

— Founder, Raina Emerson Landscapes

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