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Your strategic consiglieri

Why engage an independent strategist and not a consulting agency?


I have nothing against agencies. I work with several very good ones. Hell, I used to run one of my own. But agencies are run on highly effective problem-solving processes that start with a brief. 


The reality of being on the front line of managing an organisation is that your perspective can get a bit wood-for-trees and you need a clear view of your problem before you can brief someone on how to solve it.


In these moments you need a sideways mentor.


Someone who is neither above you nor below you in your organisation. An external consiglieri who has the breadth and depth of experience to help you navigate  the forest and sort the wood and trees into manageable problems.


I’ve been a trusted advisor to GMs, CEOs, CMOs, Presidents and VPs


I act as a sounding board and strategic partner, providing bespoke and intensely useful support though a range of interconnected problems and solutions. It might be a brand problem, a product problem, a customer experience problem or a staff and training problem. I have experience across them all. But most importantly I’m able to see how they overlap and interconnect to form a cohesive strategy for your organisation.


I collaborate and integrate with both internal and agency teams.


I have hands-on experience of design management and project execution which makes me care about the life of your strategy beyond the powerpoint deck. Most importantly, I have built and run a business of my own so I  know how to make sure good ideas survive getting roughed up by the outside world.

Call on me for:

Facilitation of executive planning sessions

Stakeholder and community engagement

Strategic planning

Or just give me a shout to chat about how I help.

“Kate helped me reach my goals. She can count herself as a key contributor to triggering a cultural shift towards better marketing communications at ASTRA. 


...someone who doesn’t duck when a challenge is thrown her way. Just don’t expect to stay in your comfort zone.” 

—Paul Freeman, Global VP of Brand and Marketing Communications, SES Astra

"Kate can provide you with an integral point of view.

No compromise, no client-pleasing comments.

Challenging, tough, and fun to work with at the same time, for an output that is the unique and often surprising result of a collaboration effort."

—Matteo Atti, Global Retail Identity Manager, Nokia

“Spring Bay Mill has been working with Kate for over 4 years to ensure our business shines in the best light possible, that the essence of what we do holds strong through all aspects of our business.


She knows the questions to ask, she's speedy and ready to sort anything out - people, tech, ideas, words.... She's great to have around.”


—Anna Cerneaz, Director, Spring Bay Mill, Tasmania

"One of the best and most rewarding experiences I’ve had in 40 years of working on and redesigning newspapers...amazingly responsive to our often disjointed description of what we were trying to accomplish...great patience and great resolve in trying to bring fresh new thinking into a process that hasn’t changed in 30 years...exceeded everyone’s expectations.

—Larry Kramer, President and Publisher, USA Today

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