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Don't take my word for it.

Jim Osborne, Owner and Founder of Yambulla—

18 months ago I didn’t know what a branding consultant was. It’s now hard to imagine my business without one. Well... without Kate Leury Nielsen.

She brings to Yambulla clarity and structure: first sorting through a jumble of great nascent ideas, then threading them together into a narrative that is quickly digestible and compelling; now evolving our values as the business grows. 


Yambulla is emerging as an extraordinary, exciting story. It wouldn’t be half as so if I hadn’t discovered Kate Leury Nielsen."

Larry Kramer, President and Publisher, USA Today—

“Working with the ‘wolves’ of Wolff Olins, Kate [Project Lead] and Lisa [Design Director] was one of the best and most rewarding experiences I’ve had in 40 years of working on and redesigning newspapers...They were amazingly responsive to our often disjointed description of what we were trying to accomplish everyday and what our personality, albeit changing, really is.

They showed great patience and great resolve in trying to bring fresh new thinking into a process that hasn’t changed in 30 years. They worked very hard to engage the staff in the process despite a very strong push to keep much of their work under wraps.

In the end, what we got exceeded everyone’s expectations and honored our tradition while bringing us into the 21st Century.


Paul Freeman, Brand and Marketing Communications, SES Astra—

“As a Director of This Is Real Art Kate helped me to reach my goals. She can count herself as a key contributor to triggering a cultural shift towards better marketing communications at ASTRA. 

Kate brings single mindedness in abundance. She’s smart, creative, her work is well thought through and she makes things happen. [She’s] someone who doesn’t duck when a challenge is thrown her way. Just don’t expect to stay in your comfort zone.”


Georgina Lee, Owner/Partner This is Real Art—

“Starting This is Real Art together with Kate was a very good idea. Her ability to make things happen was at times extraordinary and was always a real joy and wonder. 

Although we all worked ridiculously hard, we always had fun and enjoyed enormously what we were lucky enough to have started. I am very excited for Kate and for what the future holds but we do miss her very much.”


Adrian Shaughnessy, Visiting Professor, Royal College of Art, London—

“Kate combines an analytical mind with cultural and artistic instincts. These attributes make her ideally suited to functioning in an environment where business and creativity come together. In other words, she combines business pragmatism with an artistic sensibility. And that’s rare.”


Ben Drury, Creative Director Mowax Recordings—

“What I like about Kate is her sense of fair play and her spot-on judgement. Her communication is clear, concise and accurate. She is smarter than anyone else I have worked with and it shows in what we have been able to achieve.

She is like a creative double agent somehow managing to get the best out of both client and creative.


Every project I have worked on with Kate has been made better by her involvement, I think probably I have too.”


Sam Renwick, Senior Designer, This is Real Art—

“I worked for Kate for over 5 years. She was and excellent boss and an excellent leader. Not only did I learn a huge amount from her, she created an environment which allowed me to develop as a designer and be confident in what I do. She rarely became stressed and if she did I never knew it which meant people around her kept calm in difficult situations. 

To this day I consider her someone I would turn to for advice.”

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