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Connecting retail.

Nokia global retail identity


Agency:  This is Real Art

Designers: Paul Belford, Sam Renwick, Xiofei Zhang,

Fred Birdsall

The brief:

Nokia has to deal with a great range of retail formats – from flagship stores to concessions in operator shops to Nokia vans in developing markets.


The problem was they had no centralised, consistent way of communicating at retail and the Nokia identity was not standing out in this crowded space.


We were commissioned to create a global retail identity which would be easy and cost efficient to deploy and would work across a variety of retail formats. At the same time we were to develop ways of promoting Nokia’s move toward software and services, using retail settings to raise consumer awareness of new smart phone services such as Maps,  Music, Games and Email.

The solution:

Clear, simple, copy-led approach which talked of product benefits not technical features. Refining of Nokia’s complex product categories and customer segments to create easier navigation of products and services in store. Use of icons, illustrations and animation to get away from the generic stock-shot imagery that every other telco uses.


The results:


Our retail identity system was launched in over 300 retail outlets worldwide and across at least 15 different languages. Our work on customer and product segmentation was used by the design team in their recommendations which eventually lead to the new, more simplified product range launched in 2010.


The deliverables:


Copywriting, identity guidelines, moving image and illustration,  POS artwork guides, product benefit icons, mobile apps for on-screen promotions, signage and way-finding.


The client’s comment:


“Kate can provide you with an integral point of view... The work she does aims at the best quality she and her team can provide. Challenging, tough, and fun to work with at the same time”


—Matteo Atti, Global Retail Communications Manager, Nokia 

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