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Put a rocket under it.

SES Astra corporate rebrand


Agency:  This is Real Art

Designers: Paul Belford, Sam Renwick, Chris Perry


The brief:


SES Astra is one of the world’s largest satellite operators. They commission and launch satellites and operate them in space to supply television, radio, internet and emergency services across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.


It is, literally, rocket science. 


The problem was their brand and marketing communications were staid and boring and reflected none of the excitement and wonder of the highly innovative space technology company that they are.


We were commissioned to help the Brand and Marketing team revamp the way they communicated both inside and outside the organization and bring a more modern, exciting feel to the brand.


The solution:


We made animated films about how satellites work, commissioned high-end photography to document the building and launching of a satellite and produced a book which told the Astra story.


During the process we realized that cross-selling opportunities between various branches of the business were being missed and we made recommendations for a new approach to customer segmentation and a restructuring of the sales and marketing teams. We then spent many months working with the Marketing team to sell this proposal to the CEO.


The results:


Our recommendations for a new brand architecture was implemented and our immediate client was promoted to oversee the new structure.


The deliverables:


Brand architecture, logo development, brand book, brand film, short films, tone-of-voice guidelines, corporate website, corporate brochures, advertising, internal communications and presentations.


The client’s comment:


“As a Director of This is Real Art Kate helped me to reach my goals. She can count herself as a key contributor to triggering a cultural shift towards better marketing communications at ASTRA. Kate brings single mindedness in abundance. She’s smart, creative, her work is well thought through and she makes things happen. Someone who doesn’t duck when a challenge is thrown her way. Just don’t expect to stay in your comfort zone.”


—Paul Freeman, SVP of Brand and Marketing, SES Astra

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